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Quotes from all over....
(What some famous people have said about creation/ evolution...)
"...the scientists have been pontificating with increasing uppishness for the last two hundred years, until at last they have led us to the morass wherein we are sinking." With 'real knowledge'... "there is no theorizing, no mumbo-jumbo. The thing itself, reality, is stated; and it is true."
English author: Hilaire Belloc, "The Cruise of the Nona", page 96 and 97. (c) 1925
" As for those who call such joy illusion, they are of that great 'Schola Stultorum', that new herd of fools perculiar to our day; they who have made the discovery that Something comes out of Nothing, who pour quarts out of pint-pots and give emptiness creative power.
English author: Hilaire Belloc, "The Cruise of the Nona", page 161. (c) 1925
" It does harm when it is used to bolster up injustice or false doctrine, as in the case of men who still go on defending human cruelty and oppression on some muddle-headed plea called 'survival fo the fittest' -- which simply means survival of that which survives; or when they convince themselves of some impossible blind process of uncreative change without a Creator, and therefore conceive that they may at once abandon even such poor wrecks of moral discipline as have survived in them."
English author: Hilaire Belloc, "The Cruise of the Nona", page 167. (c) 1925
" They (the rationalists) carried the feeling of scientific certitude which physical research had given them into the field of ideas. They came to imagine their metaphysical dogmas to be not transcendental but demonstrable by experiment, or, at least, by the common sense of mankind. Here was a curious and, perhaps, unique incident in human history: a faith which did not know it was a faith. The rationalists did not any doubts at all, because everything exterior to their faith seemed to them insignificant save in so far as it combated their faith."
English author: Hilaire Belloc, "The Cruise of the Nona", page 232. (c) 1925
The "infinite works of nature" ...are woven together in a unity filled with marvelous patterns (page one).
Leonardo da Vinci in book: Leonardo da Vinci by Walter Isaacson (2017)
..Through his work on machinery, Leonardo developed a mechanistic view of the world foreshadowing that of Newton. All movements in the universe - of human limbs and of cogs in machines, of blood in our veins and of water in rivers - operate according to the same laws, he concluded. These laws are analogous; the motions in one realm can be compared to those in another realm, and patterns emerge. "Man is a machine, a bird is a machine, the whole universe is a machine," wrote Marco Cianchi in an analysis of Leonardo's devices.
..As Leonardo and others led Europe into a new scientifc, age, he ridiculed astrologers, alchemists, and others who believed in nonmechanistic explanations of cause and effect...
   (page 199).
Leonardo da Vinci in book: Leonardo da Vinci by Walter Isaacson (2017)

>>Now compare Leonardo's attitude to the current Evolutionary dogma that states that all mater came into existence from nothing in a 'big bang' lasting less than one second , for no reason. The fairy tale just grows from there!
.. Leonardo increasingly came to realize that mathematics was the key to turning observations into theories.
.."There is no certainty in sciences where mathematics cannot be applied," he declared.
Leonardo da Vinci in book: Leonardo da Vinci by Walter Isaacson (2017); page 200

>>Now compare Leonardo's attitude to the current Evolutionary study; in every field of research, mathematics states that the prevailing evolutionary explanation is mathematically impossible ('highly improbable"...but here we are! is the rejoinder to the mathematical analysis of their ' theories' .)
Antonin Scalia, (justice of the US Supreme Court) quoted in "Scalia Speaks" page 108:
 " To be honest about it, that is the view of Christians --- or at lease of traditional Christians --- taken by sophisticated society in modern times. One can be sophisticated and believe in God--- heck, a First Mover is at least as easy to believe in as a Big Bang triggered by nothingness. ....."
"...if speculation is supposed to precede practice, may have been derived, for aught I know, from some of our busiest enquirers after nature, ---- and that is, when with more zeal than knowledge, we account for the phenomena, before we are sure of their existence. "
Laurence Sterne, "The sermons of Mr. Yorick", page 45.
..."I don't have any confidence in people who believe there is no force in the universe that is more powerful than they are. "
Brownie Wise ( the founder of Tupperware house parties.)