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(modified 11/ 2017)
Web Resources for the topic: 'the theory of creation' ...
...My favorite all purpose resource is found at Kent Hovind 's various web resources.
  This is the video home for Kent Hovind's educational efforts found on You Tube, and this is his seminar on Evolution/ Creation debate, many hours and delightful (keep and open mind and hear all the information ... It might change your eternal life!) :

  This is part of his official You Tube channel.

  I imagine that if you complete this course, you will have aquired a good working knowledge of the science involved with the 'theory of creation' ,

  Kent is a very articulate, fearless, and well informed educator; I hope you enjoy the material as much as I did.

There you will find an excellent 17 hour video course covering the major areas dealing with origins. Evolution will never be the same!

   If you can honestly look at this evidence and still keep your evolutionary faith, then my hat goes off for you, you would be an example to us all for 'blind faith'.

   I have learned a lot from his lecutres, and besides, he is really funny. There is so much information here that you should be able to answer almost all of today's pop science cultural arguments without working up a sweat!