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...To start off, let me pose a general question myself: "What difference does the creation/evolution
debate make to me personally; that is, why should I spend any time considering the issue at all?"
.... Let us assume that evolution is really the cause of all life as we know it...
... Evolution, by definition, is the natural result of meaningless (random or non directed) chemical interactions. In this senario, there is no meaning or purpose other than what I can experience until I die; after my bodily death there is no further existence for me. My 'immortality' is in having children who will carry on my genetic line, and remember my existence in their minds, at least for as long they live.
... What I do or do not do in this life has no consequences beyond my personal physical existence or the lives of my offspring or those I care about. Since all of us are simpily chemicals in a temporary arrangement, we have no more importance than a rock or chemicals in a 'soup' or some other plant or animal. All chemicals are equal to evolution.
... On the other hand; let us imagine that all living plants and animals are the result of an 'on purpose' design or creation.
... Let us assume that one creative being was directly responsible for the design of all the living systems on planet Earth today; such as there is a commonality found in the creative work of an individual.
... Further, let us assume that anyone going to these great lengths to design and build these very involved living world systems had a definite plan or purpose; rather than a 'what would I like to create today?" attitude.
... I supose that we could come up with all manner of ideas about this, but it might be unreasonable for the created creature to come to understand the mind of the 'creator' without revealing information from the outside (the source). Well yes, we could look around us and conclude by observation that only the highest level of intelligence could organize chemicals into coordinated systems which interact with other systems for their mutual benefit. Examples might be insects and flowering plants which need each other to jointly survive. Plants and animals giving of CO2 and O2 gasses which are needful for the other. And think of the complete technical achievment of sight and hearing systems in mammals!
... I will attempt a 'thumb nail' sketch of the message from the Jewish and Christian 'bibles':
There was such a creative intelligence who made everything in the universe just as he intended. Everything was made for his pleasure. This 'god' decided he wanted a new level of being which he created and called 'man'; something a little lower than his 'angel' class, but with total free will. He wanted this 'man' class of his creation to seek to know him of their own free will, and if they reponded to his call to friendship as mortals, then he would reward them with eternal companionship in his presence after a set time had passed in Earth history. Enough time to populate his future home with those who wanted to be there.
... After some period (maybe 1,700 years), the behavior of this 'mortal' class was so decidedly disappointing, that he decided to wipe them all off the face of the Earth and start over again. However, one family caught his favor so that he decided to protect them from his coming judgement. Since he had closen to send a great flood of water to kill of the rest of mankind, he ordered this family to build a large wooden boat in which to preserve samples of life of each kind of land animal as well as themselves. After this boat was completed, he directed examples of all land life to enter this life boat, and then he shut them inside before sending a great rain upon the face of the earth until all the earth was covered with an ocean of water for about one year.
... A world wide flood of this magnitude would leave many kinds of evidences of course, such as the mile deep sedimentary (flood) layers that blanket the earth. Coal and oil deposits would be the result of large masses of plant and animal life that fell to the bottom of these waters and then were quickly convered by sediment being deposited out of the flood waters.
... The survivors quickly multiplied but god did not like their prevailing attitude and decided to break them up into groups and spread them out over the land mass (they had been congregating in only one area and ignoring god's directive to 'replenish' the earth). He did this by giving many languages which made a natural grouping. A few years after this dispersal, god split the major single land mass up and spread the pieces over the earth (we now call this plate techtonics and continental drift).
... The current situation is still pretty much the same, in general terms. Of course the earth is running down with many plants, insects, and animals becoming extinct each year; the sun is running out of fuel (the diameter decreases about 5 feet every hour); the magnetic field of the earth is decreasing, and so forth; waiting god's timing to begin the next phase of his creative work (scheduled to be completed in about another 1,000 years).
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