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...The Mount Saint Helens Volcanic eruption's lessons...
... When a volcanic flow cut off the toutle river, the water began backing up and formed a large lake. However, eventually the water found a way through and began to swiftly erode a large gap which drained the late in a short time. The outrushing water cut a canyon system only 1/10 scale with many of the same features as the grand canyon. It only took a day of two!
...I imagine that Mount St. Helens has taught us several lessons about Earth's origins.
... One is the explaination of pertrified forerst and how they actually formed and what they reveal about the passage of time.
.. A second is the explanation of coal deposits, how they formed and how long it takes to form them.
... A thirdly, the grand canyon's formation is demonstrated clearly:
..Check out this collection of YouTube Videos on creation and Mt. St. Helens;
Just click on box to go there! The evidence is compelling!
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  This photo of layering at Mt. St. Helens eruption site shows how many distinct layers were formed by the events of a single day. It also shows the erosional features of a sudden emptying of a blocked water mass in a short time (also one day!).