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What evolutionists actually say about evolution...
On a family camping trip to the Grand Canyon we camped at the rim campground. As the rising morning sun shone on the thin fabric of our tent I saw the shadow of a 'walking stick' bug outside. I hurried out and was examining the unusual bug when my camping neighbor came over and expained the technical name for the bug and its special characteristics.
   He introduced himself as a professor of microbiology from a university in San Diego, CA and invited me over to his camp spot for a cup of coffee and a visit. As we visited, I guided the conversation to evidences for or against evolution. He expained that he was a proponent of evolution and I shared my idea that the Grand Canyon provided an apt illustration of man's recent history and interaction with his Creator. So we got into an interesting conversation on evidences for evolution. Since I had been studying the subject, I had ready refutations to each of the ideas he offered. Finally his wife (who was also a professor) joined the conversation to aid her husband. (apparently she notices that he was not doing very well in the discussion) She offered up other evidences which were equally refuted by modern science discoveries and which they both admitted.
   The professor then ended with his best (so he felt) arguments:
   That of the evidence for spotted moths in industrial England (black or white colored moths whose populations increase of decrease depending on which color is easiest for birds to see against the prevailing building colors, which changed with the amount of air polution. Of course this shows nothing in favor of evolution but rather in a superior creation which built in some adapatability in coloring. (Much like the variation of hair color in humans).
   His other 'best' evidence was this statemet:
'Evolution is highly improbable...but here we are!'
   Now imagine with me; this is a professor of Evolution (I mean microbology), and the best he can do is this dogmatic statement of faith. However, what is implied in his observation is the following:
'Evolution is highly improbable...
thus 'Creation is highly probable' (it can not be both after all)
and it follows that 'but here we are' should be an affirmation of Creation.
   Our visit ended in an interesting manner, although I made a special effort to remain friendly, he seemed to visibly redden in the face as time went on and he finally got up and asked me to leave his camp site because he had come the Grand Canyon to celebrate evolution and that I was ruining his vacation.
  I imagine that this brief encounter accurately illustrates the truth of the debate. The heavy weight of evidence is for recent special creation and little or no evidence for this dogmatic and religious concept of evolution.
David Langsather: personal experience circa 1990 at the Grand Canyon Rim Campground.
" 100 million fossils in our museums conclusively prove that evolution is a fact!"

 ... Actually, 100 million fossils in our museums without a single transitional form, conclusively
prove that 'evolution' is not responsible for life all around us.
"Show me the evidence for a world wide flood..."
....And this is with us standing on a mile deep layers of sedimentary (flood deposits) in most places on the surface of the Earth. In some places, these flood deposits have eroded away. Examples of this might be the N.E. New England coast line, where the granite bedrock layers are exposed.
..Another location that illustrates the issue is the Grand Canyon. Here the mile deep flood deposits are visible in the eroded banks and the river is down against the bedrock layers. Many experts admit that most of this erosion was most likely caused by a large inland sea emptying through soft recent flood deposits within a short period of time
“RNA World”, a highly improbable scenario of the origin and early evolution of life on earth...
..An article from the Journal of Evolutionary Biochemistry and Physiology :
 ...An article in: 'BioLogos' asks the question:
From all we know about the state of the Earth 3 to 4 billion years ago and what we know about the complexity of the building blocks of life — DNA, RNA, amino acids, sugars — no entirely plausible hypothesis for the spontaneous origin of life has been found. But this does not mean that supernatural activity is the only possible explanation. ...The fact that there is no answer today does not mean there will be no answer tomorrow. Though an explanation for the origin of life is currently elusive....
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