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Population Studies and what they reveal about man's origins...
..One authority on population growth set this model for human population growth;
...Using this conservative model for population growth, the current population of the world would have arisen from eight individuals after 4,300 years.
{This is just the scenario the Jewish and Christian Bibles describe as happening 4,300 years ago!}
...If the history of human kind was very long, there would be many more people in the world today and many more human bones in the ground.
Here are some scientific population graphs showing the way human population growth happens: The first for the nation of Canada; the second the entire human population on Earth:
Population Growth of Canada
..Some experts suggest that half of all the people that have ever lived are alive right now!
From skeletons to teeth, early human fossils have been found of more than 6,000 individuals. With the rapid pace of new discoveries every year, this impressive sample means that even though some early human species are only represented by one or a few fossils, others are represented by thousands of fossils.
..If many millions of humans lived in the distant past; where are all their remains? Only 6,000 skeletons have been found, suggesting a small human population in the past; compared to certain other animals.