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Radiometric Dating Techniques...
"Polonium Haloes"
 This link is a Evolutionary response site to cast doubts on halo research showing that granite bedrock formed in less than three minutes. :
 Plonium Haloes
 This link is a Creationist rebuttle and verification via latest research with references.
(see links to actual scientific review: "exchanges")
  Researcher Robert Gentry's report on Haloes, circa 1970 :
 Wikipedia coverage of Polonium Haloes topic :
 Overview of subject.
Subject : Polonium Haloes in Granite rock layers...
..Robert Gentry is THE expert in this scientific area. Once his research was published, the scientific community (that is mostly rabid evolutionists) realized the implication that the granite bedrock of the Earth was formed in less than three minutes! They retaliated by censoring publication of his research.
..In the second link above, not how the editor does the 'lawyer technique' to cast doubt by specious information.
...It is useful to note that the 'some other isotopes have long half lifes' argument is a red herring : Valid research as to how long is necessary for the first DNA molecule to appear on Earth reveals that millions of times more than the 17 billion year 'life of the universe' evolutionists claim for the age of the cosmos is necessary ! Thus the half life argument is specious.
..This research (still valid today) lets us know that there was a sudden creation event some time in the past, that began our planet Earth !
..Now about this radiometric dating method for radio active isotopes: It appears that the test results reveals mostly how the test sample was formed, more than how old it is.!
..Please watch this video lecture for real life tests of this method to get an idea how inaccurate it is for 'oldness' evaluation.