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...Probability Studies and The Theories of Creation and Evolution...
..Probability is just the fancy name for 'the chance of something happening'.
..It is the technique insurance companies use to determine the price of insurance for each class of risk policy.
..In the case of the Evolution / Creation debate it refers to which is more likely the reasonable cause for the world around us that is obviously not man made; such as elements, planets, suns, forces of nature, plants and animals.
..For the sake of this discussion, let us assume that there are only two choices for this appearing of these things, which let us call A and B.
..If we can determine scientifically determine the likely hood (probability) of A being the explanation, then the probability of B is {100% minus the probability of A}...For example if our scientific test tells us that the probability of some form of life evolving within a set time limit and under specified conditions is 2%; then the scientific probability of (making by other than mankind) is 100% minus 2% = 98% certain.
..Modern scientists of various related fields have occasionally come together and conducted these types of calculations.
..One notable gathering of scientists was in 1966
..Click here for introduction to the gathering at the Wistar Institute in 1966.
..The Wistar Institute Symposium held in Philadelphia in April 25 and 26, 1966 at the Wistar Institute of Anatomy and Biology in the University of Pennsylvania. They had one of the first super computers (the Cray) which made the necessary calculations possible for solving this scientific riddle.
..The Evolutionary scientific group felt that their point of view was scientific and possibly, the only reasonable view; but they lacked the hard research documentation of support.
..They met for a week and pooled the biological, mathematical, and chemical data available about the steps necessary for life to have evolved (progressed naturally).The idea was that once this was gathered, the computer would do the complicated computations and give them a definitive, scientific evidence they desired.
..This is the basic premise of the problem they sought to solve to prove the scientific basis of evolution:
"what is the scientific probability of a single DNA molecule evolving (by naturalistic means) in the proposed 3 1/2 billion year life of the Earth; assuming that all the chemicals and conditions necessary of for each next step of the process are present at all points on the Earth for the entire time."
..Naturally they expected that many millions of DNA molecules would have evolved in that time, (if even for only short periods of time).
..At the end of the week, the computers results were to be announced to the general assembly. I heard the recording made at that time.
..the announcement was read out and it went something like this:...'The scientific probability of even a single DNA monticule evolving in the 3 1/2 billion year time frame is 1 X 10 to the negative 80 power. {meaning a fraction less than one with 80 zeros}.
..There was silence in the assembly until someone calls out '...You mean special creation!'...more silence and then general chorus:'! '
..Put into layman's language; there is not the slightest possibility even of this 'simplest' needed step to occur.
..Incidentally, 10 X 80th is the estimated number of atoms in the entire universe. Thus the odds of this most basic building block to life is the same as if one atom somewhere in the universe was marked: 'evolution is true' and all the other atoms are marked 'creation is the true scientific explanation'. Now you are given one chance to pick out one atom from anywhere in the universe. The scientific odds of you to pick out the one marked atom on your first attempt, is the same possibility of even one DNA molecule evolving by naturalistic means in the whole supposed history of the Earth!
..This is a long winded way of saying Creation is the only established scientific examination for life here on Earth!
..All real scientific investigation into origins confirms these findings.
..There are many individuals who can not accept this reality because of their chosen religious choices.
..Although it probably does not need to be said, but the scientific probability of more complicated plant or animal life is infinitely less than a DNA molecule!
..It seems an irony that our public schools and universities continue to indoctrinate students that
this absolutely debunked theory is a fact of science and that 'no other evidence is necessary to prove evolution'.
..I suspect that someday our generation will be laughed at similar to a time when some believed the Earth was flat.
..Pubic policy decisions are commonly based on these false premises... it seems such an embarrassment!
..Perhaps worse than that, personal faith decisions are guided (me included for many years) with possibly eternal consequences...
..More recent scientific investigations suggest the chance of one simplest single living cells (such as a bacteria cell) of coming into existence by evolution process, if conditions are perfect everywhere in the entire universe for the currently proposed 17 billion year life of the universe, with conditions ideal in all places at all times is: one chance in 10-43,000 power. That is ( 1/ 1000000000000...goes on until we have listed 43,000 zeros).
..Please remember that 80 zeros defines the remotest possibility and 81 zeros is 10 times less likely than that, and 82 is "" "" "" "" ""...
..The best 'true believers' can come up with is: "Evolution is highly improbable,...but here we are!"
..Restate that to 'Evolution is highly improbable and thus Creation is highly probable,...and here we are!
{You are free to believe what ever you want; But please, do not call it Science! }