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Biology and Genetics
(and what they suggest about creation / evolution).
    The variations within species are examples of 'micro evolution'. This is quite different from 'macro evolution' which is being taught as established fact when of course it is not.
    Animal breeders are able to bring out remarkable differences over time, but are unable to create any new differences of their own.
   Apparently all the genetic differences in species have existed from the beginning as part of their original creation. This built in adaptability allows for adjusting to changing conditions and variety in the same species.
   It is pleasant that all people do not have the same hair color and appearance and that all dogs are not the same in appearance.
   A good example of this is peppered moths in England. In times past there were both black and white moths of this species. At present there are the same black and white moths in England... no change. What has changed during different periods of (levels of) pollution is that birds find one color of the other easier to see and so the percentage of one color increases or decreases as a result. If the birds ever succeed in eating all the white ones then that will be the permanent end of white peppered moths in England.
   There are many examples of species becoming extinct here on planet Earth, and no examples of any new species evolving. All the observed truth (Scientific observation) is that in the past there were many more different kinds of insects, plants and animals, and they were much larger and longer lived too. Each year many existing species die out (Carl Segan has suggested that 2,000 become extinct each year!). Just think what that means for our forefathers of even two thousand years ago. The Earth's plant and animal and insect populations were much richer and varied than today. Today we are living in a highly deprived environment. This is a true observation that the natural world began a few thousand years ago as rich and vibrant, and is quickly running down toward total extinction. Just the opposite of what should be the reality if evolution were true.
   The world around us is quickly running down and wearing out, not becoming more complex and vital as evolutionists would have us believe by faith alone (since all the evidence appears to be in the opposite direction).