Time, Evolution, and You......
Modified 11/2017
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.....Evolution true believers have recently become alarmed that mathematically any aspect of evolution seems to be impossible. So a group was gathered together at the Wistar institute in Philadelphia (in the 80's) to accurately determine the scientific probability (possibility) of evolution, even its most simple step, based on current scientific knowledge.
.....Fifly two leading evolutionary biologists and mathmaticians shared their scientific knowledge in the various related fields of study, and using the super computer of the institute to do the mathematical computations, sought to determine once and for all the possibility of evolution actually producing any significant thing.
.....Dr. Murry Eden of MIT concluded that any aspect of evolution is impossible in this universe.
.....Further more, they discovered that the scientific probability of a single DNA molocule evolving on the Earth in 3 1/2 billion years of time (the evolutionists current estimate of the age of the Earth), given perfect conditions for the chemical changes to occur everywhere on the surface of the Earth for the entire time, were only one chance in:
100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000. In scientific notation the zeros are just counted up so this number is written as {1 x 10 x -80 power} because it has 80 zeros.
.....DNA is the basic building block of life, a complex molecule that is foundational to all living systems and these scientists felt they could accurately estimate the likely hood of this coming about through unguided means, random chemical events, based on their extensive knowledge of chemistry and the necessary steps for the development of this life molecule.
.....What does this result mean? Well, assuming that they are knowledgeable about the chemical steps and mathmatics involved; these are top experts so let us assume they know their jobs; then their estimate of the time element must have been way off.
.....For evolution of the first DNA molucle to have happened, the odds would have had to have been one chance in one over the time period in consideration. So let us use their results to correct their time estimate. This is fairly easy because we know two of the three elements and can compute the new time estimate necessary for evolution processes to make the first DNA molecule here on Earth given perfect conditions.
.....Here is the simple math. We know the odds need to be 1 in 10 x 0 power (one, as any number to the zero power is defined as one). We also know the odds at current time estimate ( 3 1/2 billion years) to be 1 in 10 x -80th power, thanks to these honest scientists who met at the Wistar Institute. 3.5 x 10 x 9 years is 3 1/2 billion in scientific notation.
.....To get the time correctiion (assuming all the other assumptions to have been accurate) all we need do is to divide the resulting odds by the former time estimate to get the actual time necessary for this to actually happen ONCE.
.....Thus [1 x 10 x 80] divided by [3.5 x 10 x 9] which is
0.2857142 x 10 x 71..

  We can also write this as 2.85742 x 10 x 70; that is the number 2.8742 with 70 zeros after it.
...Thus the Scientific, calculated number of years on the Earth for the first DNA molecule to evolve is :

28,574,20,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000000,000,000 years.

...You probably see the problem right away... the Evolutionists now Believe that 17,000,000,000 years is the total existence of the universe. Thus science tells us that Evolution of the first DNA molecule has NOT happened yet ... and NEVER will.
...Conclusion : All life around us was created / made; Just like all man's creations were made, not evolved from base chemicals by chance.
.....( dealing with big numbers like this is easy because to multiply numbers in scientific notation, just multiply the leading parts together and then add the exponents.[ the number of zeros]; and to divide, just divide the leading numbers [ 1 by 3.5 in this case] and subtract the exponents [number of zeros] [80 - 9 = 71, in this case]).
.....So now we know that 3 1/2 billion years is not enough time, however with the passage 2.8 x 10 x 70 GROUPS of 3 1/2 billion years each that is the time necessary for the first single, essential, DNA molecule to evolve.
.....Lets us put this another way; when 10 groups of 3 1/2 billion years each have passed, then there will only need to pass another 2.8 x 10 x 69 groups each of 3 1/2 billion years for the first DNA molucle to come into existence via the evolutionaly process!
.....Now just how gullable are we anyway? These same scientific field professionals want to continue to teach us that "evolution is a fact" and that we need waste no time seeking to develop a relationship with a creator god, even though the same individuals have proved that the very first necessary step of evolution has yet to happen, and will not happen for many eons of time to come.
.....It appears that one scientist's observation of evolution may be true, that is that: "Evolution is a fairy tale for adults".