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Modified 11/16/2017
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..Charles Darwin believed in Evolution because you could see it happen!
He did an experiment: He laid out a piece of raw meat, and within days life sprang forth in the form of worms. Waiting a further period the worms had evolved into flys.
..Just imagine what evolution could do over longer periods of time!
..However, other scientists repeated this experiment adding a fine wire mesh around the raw meat, and the worms no longer 'evolved'.
..Apparently Mr. Darwin wanted to believe in another explanation other than deliberate creation (making) by entity or entities unknown.
..If someone make the world around us and ourselves as well; we might feel some obligation toward our maker, which appeared to be repulsive to the early leaders in the evolutionary movement.
..I have read that Charles did good scientific research work later in his life dealing with flat worms.
..Mr. Darwin was educated as a minister but gave up the calling to become a spokesman for this alternative religion whose two pillars are that 'there is no creator God' and 'man is the measure of all things'. This new religion also goes by the name of Secular Humanism.