World Wide Flood Evidences...
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View over the rim of the Grand Canyon. Just a few feet back from the edge, the ground seems level and normal however. All over the nation, most of us are walking on flood sediments layers about a mile deep. If a canyon was suddenly washed out it would look very much like this. Exceptions to this norm would be found at the northeastern United States along the Atlantic ocean, where recent glacier activity have scoured all these flood sediments into the ocean, scraping down to the granite bedrock, on which the flood sediments had been deposited.
Here is an example of an area where the flood deposits were eroded away by a river (probably while the flood deposits were still relatively soft) and then later filled in by a local flood's deposits. Also notice that the river channel deposits are not nicely layered, like here on the left and right side (and most places under our feet).This tells us that the two areas were formed under considerably different 'flood' circumstances.
..You might notice that the author has called obviously sedimentary {flood deposit} rock 'bedrock'.
..Doctor Henry Morris studied the various layers in the grand canyon and discovered that they are perfectly sorted by density; with the densest layers at the bottom and least dense layers at the top. This suggests they were all deposited from the same flood event, but settling over a period of time with the proper amount of gentle agitation. [such as from a shallow sea of muddy recent flood water being influenced by tidal action for a year as the flood waters gradually subsided...].
.. This topic suprises me when someone suggests...'well show me the evidence of a world wide flood...'.
... The fellow who asks this question, is in all probability, standing on a mile deep layer of flood sediments; and he wants to see the evidence!
... If you visit the grand canyon national park, the ranger will explain that there are about one mile deep worth of 'sedementary' layers and under that is a broken granite rock (bedrock) strata. Sedementary means material laid down in water, that is muds settle out of flood waters (or perhaps river deltas which build up when a major river dumps the muds it carries into the non moving ocean basin where it empties.
... As the layers build up, water is pressed out and the material hardens into various kinds of rock (depending on the chemical and density makeup of the components).
... The question we should be asking is what could have deposited this world wide uniform flood muds except a world wide flood?
... There are only a few areas of the world where the granite bedrock has been thrust up to the surface (through the action of plate techtonics mostly plus glacier action). One such area is the North eastern states along the Atlantic seaboard. All the rest of us are born, live and die on these very significant and deep flood deposits.
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